Elizabethtown Sex Offenses Attorney

We live and work in a small community where rumors can travel quickly. For many people in Elizabethtown and the surrounding areas, an arrest for a minor traffic violation or DUI/DWI may be embarrassing, but it won't run you out of town. But, when it comes to sex offenses, the legal and social stigma not only lingers, it can affect all aspects of your life.

Our Former Prosecutor Will Help You Build A Strong Defense Against Sex Offender Charges

Few criminal charges are prosecuted as aggressively or punished as severely as sex offenses. Even if you know that the act was consensual or are otherwise innocent, your reputation and freedom may be at risk.

At Dowan Law Offices, we will use our years of experience to protect you from the charges and build a strong defense around you.

  • You may be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life
  • Your neighbors will be informed of your status
  • Your career may be compromised, especially if you work with children
  • Your residency options may be limited as you will be prohibited from living near a day care or school

There are a variety of charges that fall under the banner of sex offenses in Kentucky. Even if you think the charges are relatively mild, the fallout of a conviction can forever alter your life. If you or a loved one faces any of the following charges, contact us and put a lawyer between you and the authorities:

  • Possession, distribution or production of child pornography
  • Solicitation of an adult or a minor
  • Child molestation or child sexual abuse
  • Sexual assault, rape, statutory rape or date rape
  • Prostitution or the promotion of prostitution

Don't Risk Your Reputation And Your Freedom — Consult With Our Lawyers

In some cases, accusations of sexual assault or child sexual abuse arise out of a deteriorating marriage. As a firm dedicated to handling family law and criminal cases, we understand the delicate nature of these cases where the lines between family and a potential felony are blurred.

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