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What is 'reasonable visitation'?

During your divorce case, the judge says that you should get "reasonable visitation" to allow you to see your children, even though they are going to live with your ex. You understand why living with your ex helps them -- they keep the same home, friends, neighbors and school -- but you want to make sure that you understand just what rights you have. What does reasonable visitation mean?

The judge can, if needed, give you a strict visitation schedule. This is often done when parents cannot cooperate and get along with one another. A court order is needed to ensure that you can see the kids at all.

If you're surprised by a lack of money during divorce, be careful

During your marriage, you always felt like you and your spouse had plenty of money for everything you wanted. You were fairly hands-off with the finances, letting your spouse run things, but you never got the sense that money was tight. You never wanted for anything.

When you got divorced, though, you felt shocked by how little money you actually had. Where did it all go?

Financial mistakes people make during the divorce process

When you are facing divorce, you need to be conscious of your financial decisions. After all, you and your spouse will soon need to split up your assets and your income and costs will both change after you finalize the split.

Even so, some people make serious financial mistakes while going through the divorce process, and they regret them later. Here are a few examples to help you avoid the same errors.

How negative is the financial impact of divorce?

If you are used to living on two incomes because you're married, getting divorced is going to reduce your household earnings. You'll have to learn how to live off of one income. But just how dire may things get? Could the divorce have a seriously negative financial impact?

It may. According to one study, when looking at women who put in applications to get welfare, a full 75 percent of them had "disrupted relationships." In many cases, that meant a broken marriage, though some of the applications just indicated that the two people had lived with one another outside of a legal marriage.

Does your child want a birthday party with your ex?

A child's birthday party should be about creating the ultimate experience and offering the child a say in the matter. What do they want the party to be like? Who do they want to come?

For divorced parents, this can get a bit tricky. Does your child want you and your ex to have separate parties, meaning that one party will likely not be on the child's actual birthday? Or do they want you to hold a joint party where you are both involved, despite your divorce? As you learned during your divorce, the child's best interests should be the focal point for most decisions. How can you honor that here?

Ideas to help avoid co-parenting plan stress

Negotiating a parenting agreement once you've decided to divorce can be one of the greatest challenges you will encounter. Even if you and your spouse get along enough to have peaceful discussion about your children or other divorce-related issues, various complex issues (even logistics) can make it difficult to iron out all the wrinkles in your plan.  

As a Kentucky parent who has your children's best interests in mind, you no doubt want to make sure you are doing all you can to provide for their needs without giving up your parental rights. Cooperation and compromise are key factors toward success when your goal is to create a co-parenting plan that is fair and agreeable to both parties.  

Why is the divorce rate falling for millennials?

Millennials do not get divorced as often as baby boomers, and the divorce rate in the United States has been dropping. One report claimed that it fell a full 18 percent between just 2008 and 2016. Why is this happening?

There are a few reasons. One is that the average age for marriage keeps on climbing. Studies have shown that those who get married very young — 18, for instance — have higher divorce rates. If more people wait until their mid-20s, they may theoretically avoid some of the "mistakes" that people made when rushing into marriage at a younger age.

A loss of trust in your marriage can make you a 'distancer'

When trust breaks down in a marriage, the marriage itself often follows soon after. Trust is a crucial component of a successful relationship, and it is often impossible to build back up when it is gone. The event that took it away will always be there, no matter what either one of you says.

If this happens, even before you end the marriage, experts note that it can turn you into a "distancer" while your spouse becomes a "pursuer."

Reasons a child custody arrangement can be modified

A child custody arrangement must be followed by all parties involved. Even if the children are not happy with the new schedule or living arrangements, you cannot prevent them from seeing their other parent. If changes need to be made to the arrangement you must do it formally and with the help of a family law attorney. Following are some of the key reasons why a child custody arrangement may warrant modification.

If either parent has to physically relocate due to an illness, a death in the family or for work, this is a reason to modify the child custody arrangement. The move by one parent will need to render the current visitation schedule impossible to adhere to and the move must be for the right reasons.

Are you clumsy? Be careful, as it might land you in jail!

Not everyone in Kentucky has mad balancing skills. In fact, you may count yourself among those who can barely stand on one foot for longer than 10 seconds without feeling the need to grab hold of something (or someone) to keep from toppling over. Some people are simply more skilled than others are when it comes to tests of balance and agility.

That's not necessarily a problem, unless of course, you happen to be facing a police officer who has just pulled you over on suspicion of drunk driving. In such circumstances, your ability to balance on one leg or walk a straight line might mean the difference between going home that night or going to jail. There are several things you should know about field sobriety tests, especially regarding your rights and how to protect them.