Think twice before attempting to hide assets in divorce
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Think twice before attempting to hide assets in divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2016 | Divorce |

Divorce proceedings have the capability to bring out sides of yourself that you were previously unaware existed. Many individuals are tempted to try to hide certain assets from their spouses when it comes to negotiating asset division. This can be an especially tempting proposition to those who are the primary breadwinners in a relationship, who may feel that they are entitled to keep more of their earnings. While the feeling is understandable, the law does not tend to see it that way.

As attorneys who have represented numerous couples in many different kinds of divorce scenarios, we must severely caution you that attempting to hide assets during a divorce is not only a good way to put yourself on the wrong side of a judge hearing your case, it is also rarely successful. Simply put, the potential reward is generally far outweighed by likelihood that you will be unsuccessful, and in the process make things worse for yourself in the asset division negotiations.

If you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets while you are divorcing or considering a divorce, you are entitled to a full accounting of assets held by both you and your spouse. The assistance of an attorney who is experienced in tracking down hidden assets is well worth the investment. Using your spouse’s electronic trail and other sophisticated forensic accounting tools, we can help you identify assets that may have been hidden in very clever ways, including off-shore accounts and other international forms of fraud. The law does not look favorably on spouses attempting to hide assets in divorce, and you deserve to receive your fair share of assets as determined by the courts and not by the spouse you are divorcing.