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August 2016 Archives

Can I claim a child as a dependant if I have joint custody?

When parents of a child divorce, it can be a complex and lengthy process deciding which parental privileges and responsibilities each parent will shoulder individually and which will be shared. Often, however, the tax implications of custody are overlooked until it comes time to file in the spring. Many parents are suddenly faced with determining who gets to claim the child as a dependant for tax purposes.

How do I evaluate my parenting plan?

As children throughout the country are entering into a new school year, many freshly divorced parents are getting their first real taste of the advantages and disadvantages of their newly ordered parenting plans. Courts do their best to issue orders that will make for the best quality of life for the child at the heart of a parenting plan, but often the expectations of what is needed and what is doable for each parent do not accurately anticipate the reality. It is good to be mindful of your expectations, the needs of the child and the actual ability of you and your former spouse to communicate when evaluating your parenting time plan.

Child abuse and neglect actions: What you should know

The idea of having your child removed from your house because of abuse or neglect is not something any parent wants to think about, but it happens every day. In Kentucky, this is usually the result of a Dependent, Neglected or Abused (DNA) action. The most obvious circumstances that could result in a DNA action are those where physical or sexual abuse is present.

4 facing charges of trafficking, child endangerment

Police in Elizabethtown recently arrested several individuals in relation to drug trafficking and child endangerment. After receiving a tip that drug trafficking was taking place in a home on Church of God Road in Dyer, Kentucky, police arrived to find that the young children of one of the soon-to-be arrested individuals were being kept in the same home where officers found drugs, paraphernalia and equipment commonly used in the drug trade.