Even no-fault divorces need legal guidance
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Even no-fault divorces need legal guidance

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2017 | Divorce |

Divorce has become such a common occurrence that the public seems to think it is a matter as simple two people deciding that they no longer want to be married. While that may be enough to justify the action because Kentucky does recognize no-fault divorce, simply calling it quits is not possible in the eyes of the law. Many people seem to fail to realize that a marriage is essentially a business merger in the eyes of the law. If you are considering a divorce, you will have to follow some very specific procedures to ensure that your relationship is able to end as cleanly in the legal sense as you hope it will personally.

The rise in popularity of using forms found online may have made divorce seem too simple and easy to those considering it. It is true that divorce can be straightforward and amicable if partners can act maturely, but no amount of mature behavior can undo a legal contract. If you are considering a divorce, even a no-fault divorce, you will want to consult with an experienced attorney to ensure that both you and your spouse have equal understandings of the law and how your marital property should be divided.

This especially true if you and your spouse have children or pets, or if you own a home or other significant property. Similarly, a marriage that includes one or both partners owning a business must be approached very carefully, even under amicable circumstances. In these cases, the choices you make will have drastic effects on other individuals — your child, your pets and any employees that the business may employ. A responsible divorce seeks to take care of all the people who may be affected, and this can lead to unanticipated conflict.

It is admirable to seek as amicable a divorce as possible, but this desire may be self-defeating if appropriate care is not taken. To ensure that your desire to end your marriage peacefully is successful, you should consider enlisting the guidance of a lawyer with experience in no-fault divorce. Proper legal guidance will ensure that all parties’ rights remain protected and that your divorce will be a fair opportunity to start over for both you and your spouse.