Want-to-be parents can make a difference
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Want-to-be parents can make a difference

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2017 | Child Custody |

Like many people, you probably had expectations about your life as an adult. Among those expectations may have been the idea of marrying and raising a family. As time went on and the right partner never came along, you may have found yourself wondering if you would ever be a parent.

Others in your circumstances have made the bold decision to adopt as singles. What is even more remarkable is that they have welcomed into their lives children who otherwise may have floundered in the strained and overpopulated foster care system.

Children in crisis

In Kentucky, authorities have removed over 8,000 children from their homes and placed them in foster care for various reasons, including abuse, neglect, and drug and alcohol dependency among parents and extended family. You may not be surprised to hear that the growing opioid and heroin epidemics have contributed to the crisis that foster care programs are experiencing.

Many single people like you have researched foreign adoption only to find that it is expensive and daunting. You may also have looked into the prospect of finding a surrogate parent, but that carries its own complications. Knowing that there are a growing number of children whose parents have lost their familial rights may entice you to consider this path to parenthood.

Meeting foster parent standards

Adopting foster children is becoming more popular among singles as well as couples. Although it is still easier for couples and women to be approved for adoption than men, almost 30 percent of fathers have never been married. More often single men are choosing to be fathers.

Understandably, if you decide to pursue adoption through the foster care program, a caseworker will carefully screen you. Many of the children involved have already had traumatic experiences involving abuse or neglect, and caseworkers make every effort to protect them from further harm. You can expect to undergo a series of precautionary steps, including:

  • Special classes for prospective parents
  • Interviews
  • Background check
  • Home examination

Single parents, especially men, often rely on their friends and family for support in raising an adopted foster child. In addition, more businesses are making allowances for men who want to be fathers.

Foster child adoption is a win-win

People who adopt foster children often believe it is the single most positive decision they could make. Providing stability and love to a child who may otherwise fall through the cracks of a burdened system may prove satisfying and rewarding for you too.

The procedure for adoption can be long and complicated. You may have concerns about the logistics and questions about the legal process. Consulting a family law attorney who offers personalized attention will provide you with the answers and support you are seeking. Like many single parents, you may find that adopting a foster child not only fulfills your lifelong dream of parenthood, but offers a child a chance at a happy and hopeful life.