New state law presumes equal parenting
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New state law presumes equal parenting

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2017 | Child Custody |

Kentucky lawmakers successfully passed new legislation recently that levels the playing field for many parents when it comes to child custody arrangements. Under the new law, courts hearing child custody cases will begin from a place of presumed joint custody, meaning many more parents may soon be sharing parenting duties and privileges.

This is seen as a big win by both children’s advocates and fathers’ rights groups throughout the state and the region. While the new bill does not make sole or primary custody impossible to achieve, it does create a much larger platform for shared parenting in many instances and does away with many costly and frustrating legal battles over children.

For many fathers especially, the new law is a large step forward in undoing what many see as an unfair bias in the courts toward maternal custody.

Of course, each case is different, and joint custody does not always serve the best interests of the child. If you fear that your child’s other parent is unsuitable to raise your child, or fear that joint custody may be bad for your family for some other reason, there is still room to fight for what is best for you and your family.

While the new law seeks to simplify the custody process, determining how you and your child’s other parent will raise your child is rarely simple. Even in a best-case-scenario, you need proper legal guidance to ensure that your family remains safe.

The guidance of an experienced attorney who understands Kentucky laws and the local courts can help you keep your rights secure while protecting the best interests of your child.

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