Why might I lose custody of my child to the other parent?
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Why might I lose custody of my child to the other parent?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2017 | Child Custody |

When things go sour between parents of a child, working out custody is often very difficult. Even after a custody arrangement is reached, certain actions on the part of parents can revoke their custody privileges. If you are in a contentious relationship with your child’s other parent, it is crucial that you know which actions on your part may give the other parent leverage against you.

The most obvious things that one parent may use against the other are instances of violence, abuse or neglect. Furthermore, if you are arrested for some other unrelated crime, a court may view that as grounds to revoke custody. Courts are also particularly unfavorable towards drug use by parents. Even very light drug use that is exposed to a child may grant grounds for revoked custody.

Furthermore, any violations of court orders are often seen as grounds to revoke custody. This can include abiding by your existing parenting plan, if you and your child’s other parent already have one in place. While some small violations may not instigate revocation of custody privileges, if you repeatedly do not abide by your court order, a judge may not take kindly to this — especially if the other parent is pressing to amend your custody agreement.

Custody issues are never easy, but when you share a child with a parent who actively seems to want to take away your custody privileges, the issues can become even more complex. It is always wise to approach these matters with professional guidance by an experienced attorney. With proper guidance, you can ensure that your child’s best interests are safeguarded, while keeping your rights secure as well.

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