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July 2017 Archives

Is your paycheck at risk?

If you're one of many Kentucky parents whose marriages went sour and ended in divorce, you're definitely not alone. Like most parents in this and all other states, you want what's best for your kids, and you may have worried about their overall well-beings regarding how they would take the news of your divorce and whether they'd be able to successfully adapt to new lifestyles. Thankfully, there are support networks available to help families like yours as the divorce process takes place and a new future unfolds.

How can I keep a pet in a divorce?

If you and your spouse have decided its time to draw up papers and move forward with your divorce, reaching fair agreements about property division can be one of the most difficult aspects of the process. Even more difficult than determining who keeps the car and who gets the record collection is who legally has the right to keep a family pet. For many divorcing couples, a pet is much more like a family member than a piece of property, and this can lead to spouses entering into a sort of custody negotiation over an animal companion.

Kentucky business launches alcohol delivery service

A Kentucky liquor store is debuting an inventive service that could change the state's alcohol industry — and hopefully cut down on drunk driving. The service offers customers the opportunity to use their phones to place an order from the store's catalogue, which will show up at their location for an additional $5 delivery fee.

Should I try to keep the house in my divorce?

Divorce can make it very difficult to see the forest for the trees, both emotionally and practically. Often, emotional attachments to certain pieces of property can compromise a person's ability to make wise decisions based on all the available information. This is often exceptionally true when it comes to keeping or selling a family home.

Cohabitation agreements versus prenuptial agreements

If you and your partner live together before or instead of getting married, it is wise to consider creating a cohabitation agreement that outlines who gets what pieces of property and how you'll divide commingled funds if you split up. Unfortunately, many people confuse cohabitation agreements with prenuptial agreements, which is a risky mistake to make.