Kentucky business launches alcohol delivery service
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Kentucky business launches alcohol delivery service

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

A Kentucky liquor store is debuting an inventive service that could change the state’s alcohol industry — and hopefully cut down on drunk driving. The service offers customers the opportunity to use their phones to place an order from the store’s catalogue, which will show up at their location for an additional $5 delivery fee.

Proponents of the plan believe that it may keep some people from making unwise choices after going out to drink in public. While that is theoretically possible, the service would have to catch on well outside of the major cities where it is launching, but the idea does have merit.

Some other people have concerns about the access it may give underage drinkers to alcohol. The company believes that they have properly prepared for this possibility and created safeguards around the delivery system to avoid supplying children with alcohol they could easily order with a phone. According to the company, every delivery must be accepted by a person of legal age who can show proper government-issued identification, and the credit card information used to purchase the alcohol must belong to the person accepting the alcohol.

The business believes that these safeguards are sufficient, suggesting that the service does not pose any greater threat to allowing underage drinking than liquor stores themselves.

While the new service may cut down on some drunk driving, it will not eliminate it entirely. If you face drunk driving charges, do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced defense attorney who understands how to use the law to protect your rights and ensure your fair treatment.

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