Misconceptions concerning divorce may add unnecessary stress
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Misconceptions concerning divorce may add unnecessary stress

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2017 | Divorce |

If you are considering divorce, a great deal of factors could be influencing your decision. The outcome of dissolving a marriage will inherently have an impact on your financial future, and if you and your spouse have children together, you likely have concerns about how the news of a divorce might affect them.

With numerous crucial aspects to mull over, you could be feeling somewhat overwhelmed and in need of guidance. However, there may be additional aspects that could be causing you a great deal of stress, and with numerous misconceptions about the process, the added worry could be completely unnecessary.

Sorting fact from fiction concerning divorce

Although you might know others that have gone through the end of a marriage, you may want to proceed with caution when listening to advice. Every divorce is different, and the process will likely depend on the variables present in your marriage. Although others may mean well, their advice could be misleading. Some of the most common misconceptions you may hear concerning divorce could be in relation to the following:

  • Marital property:  Believing an asset is separate property, only to find out otherwise, can be devastating. Even if your spouse’s name isn’t listed on assets such as a car or home, if you acquire it during marriage, it could still be marital property.
  • Debt responsibility:  If either you or your spouse moves out of the family home, the mortgage doesn’t automatically transfer to one person. Assuming you will no longer be responsible for debts by default could prove detrimental, and seeking guidance on this aspect of divorce could prevent the reality from catching you off-guard.
  • Court battles:  Although some divorces may end up in court, this isn’t always the case. If you and your spouse can reach an agreement on every aspect through an alternative means such as mediation, you may be able to avoid court entirely.
  • Parenting schedules:  Believing that one parent or the other will obtain the majority of custody rights may not be necessary, especially if the two of you can reach an acceptable agreement without conflict through negotiations.

You likely have enough stress on your plate, and instead of paying heed to information that may or may not be solid, you might want to consider speaking with someone with extensive knowledge in Kentucky divorce laws for guidance on making informed decisions throughout the process.

Guidance moving forward

Dissolving a marriage is a serious decision that generally requires a fair amount of deliberation. However, staying in a relationship that is no longer functional due to misleading information is ill advised. It may be keeping you from pursuing a better life. You could speak with someone with experience in the area for guidance in covering every crucial aspect. By addressing your concerns and obtaining knowledgeable advice, you might become better prepared to seek the most favorable outcome possible and focus on moving in a more positive direction.