A temporary child custody order may help your divorce
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A temporary child custody order may help your divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2017 | Child Custody |

Sometimes, when a couple reaches the point of divorce, it is very difficult to reach a fair agreement about how each parent will share and contribute to child care throughout the divorce. Until the court approves a child custody plan near the end of the divorce process, some parents need help playing fair with each and the child’s needs. In some cases, one parent may even claim that the other parent is guilty of parental kidnapping.

If you and your spouse are facing divorce and your interpersonal conflicts are already keeping you from reaching fair agreements while you work through your divorce, you may benefit greatly from a temporary custody order. Temporary custody orders carry the same weight as traditional custody orders, allowing children to maintain stability and giving parents guidelines for how to behave and share parental privileges and duties while a divorce proceeds.

Depending on the particular court handling your divorce, you may have to provide a number of things when you file, and the process takes a number of steps. You may need to show why you believe that the temporary custody order is necessary in your case, and may have to provide the court with a proposed temporary custody plan.

These are only some of the potential components of obtaining a temporary child custody order. If you do believe that a temporary order is a good fit for your circumstances, you can consult with an experienced attorney to determine exactly what is needed to seek such an order in your case. An experienced attorney can also help you navigate the other portions of your divorce and keep your rights protected.

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