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November 2017 Archives

All in the family: Stepparent adoption

You met a very special person, and while you were nervous about dating someone who had a child, you grew to love the child as much as the parent. When you proposed marriage, you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with your loved one and his or her child. Perhaps your marriage vows even included your dedication to the child.

Staying together for the kids may make matters worse

There comes a time in many parents' lives when staying together as a couple simply doesn't make sense anymore. Depending on the nature of the relationship, some parents may postpone divorce for the sake of the children, which seems like a very attractive option for many individuals. However, the common strategy of "staying together for the kids" is often not as effective as parents may hope.

What is equitable property division in divorce?

Here in Kentucky, we use equitable distribution guidelines to govern how couples split their assets and liabilities when they choose to divorce. Unlike several other states like Texas, New Mexico and California, which require spouses to split up their marital property evenly, spouses in Kentucky enjoy some flexibility in their property division negotiations.

How to divorce proof your holidays

When you stood in a Kentucky courtroom and listened to a judge pronounce the terms of your divorce, you may have experienced mixed emotions. On one hand, you may have felt relief that your martial problems were finally coming to an end and you were free to set your sights on a new, successful future. Then again, you were saying goodbye to a way of life you had known for years, perhaps decades, and such farewells are seldom without sorrow.

Be sure you work out terms of medical child support

Divorce between parents often means that each party must work together to create fair agreements outlining their respective obligations to the ongoing care of their children. In some cases, parents do not fully address every issue that may arise between parents raising children separately, and only set themselves up for frustration later on. This is especially common when it comes to the ongoing medical care of children.