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December 2017 Archives

What if my divorce order leaves out my name change?

Divorce can come knocking when you least expect it, or maybe just when you are least prepared to properly deal with it. For many couples, the divorce process is far more complicated and time-consuming than they realized. But a poorly-executed divorce may leave many issues unresolved and waiting to cause problems once the spouses finalize it and begin moving on with their respective lives.

Amicable divorce: Myth or realistic possibility?

If you've ever reviewed statistics for divorce rates compared by state, you may have noticed that Kentucky ranks among the top listed states for highest divorce rates in the nation. Of course, presuming that most marriages in one state or the other will automatically end in divorce is like saying every person who steps outdoors into sunlight will get burned. It's impossible to predict whether a marriage will last a lifetime just as there's no foolproof way of knowing who will get sunburn.

Avoid these mistakes to keep your divorce civil

When divorce arrives at your door, it is difficult to know who to respond. You may feel a strong need to preserve yourself and your interests above all else, or you feel tempted to act out against your spouse and use the divorce as a stage to enact some form vengeance on them to make up for your emotional injuries. These tendencies are reasonable and normal, but not necessarily wise or helpful.

Does leaving my marital home affect child custody negotiations?

When you and your children's other parent choose to divorce, you face a number of very difficult decisions. Not only must you address your property division in the divorce, you must reach an agreement about how both of you will share the responsibilities and privileges of child custody. Unfortunately, child custody disputes are often where divorces truly turn nasty and require delicate handling.

Remaining respectful in divorce is often a choice

Divorce is always difficult on some level, even when all parties involved want the divorce and believe it's a good thing. Unfortunately, divorce deals with many of the issues that most people find very difficult to discuss fairly and calmly. If you and your spouse face a divorce, no matter what the grounds, it is wise to prioritize keeping the matter as civil as possible, to ensure that both spouses can make it through the entire process fairly, keeping each party's rights protected.

Child custody does affect your tax returns

When you and your child's other parent choose to raise the child separately, it is important to understand that the custody agreements you reach may carry significant legal implications and may even affect your tax returns significantly. While many parents prefer to avoid the hassle of working out a professional child custody agreement with an attorney, this path often leads to greater frustration later on, not less.