What if my divorce order leaves out my name change?
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What if my divorce order leaves out my name change?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2017 | Divorce |

Divorce can come knocking when you least expect it, or maybe just when you are least prepared to properly deal with it. For many couples, the divorce process is far more complicated and time-consuming than they realized. But a poorly-executed divorce may leave many issues unresolved and waiting to cause problems once the spouses finalize it and begin moving on with their respective lives.

For many couples, changing one spouse’s name is a matter that is easy to overlook in a divorce, mostly because the process is so overwhelming without proper legal guidance. Unlike marriage, which is a simple process that a couple can accomplish in a matter of hours or even minutes, divorces are innately far more complicated and require more time and attention.

If you come up for air after your divorce and realize that your judgment failed to include your name change, you may find success simply asking the court to amend the order to include it. In many cases, courts will allow this change to the order, even if the divorce is already finalized. Of course, the longer you wait to address this issue, the more difficult and potentially costly it can become.

No matter what circumstances lead to your divorce, it is always wise to enlist the assistance of an experienced family law attorney. Even if you and your spouse want a simple, amicable divorce, legal counsel can help you keep your rights protected throughout the process and ensure that you do not miss important opportunities that are easy to overlook, such as a name change.

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