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February 2018 Archives

Coming up with a viable schedule in your parenting plan

As you came to the end of your marriage, you and the other parent may have vowed to work together toward creating a parenting plan that keeps the best interests of your children in mind. At the time, you may have felt that this was the hardest decision you needed to make when it came to your children. After all, it isn't always easy to set aside your emotions for your soon-to-be former spouse in order to work with your children's other parent.

Modifying your divorce agreement

Divorce is often a messy, complicated matter, and the finalization of a divorce decree does not necessarily sort everything out cleanly. In some cases, a divorce decree is truly untenable for one for both parties, and requires modification to remain useful. Depending on the nature of the conflicts over the divorce decree, a divorce spouse may have grounds to petition the court to modify the decree and alter the terms of the divorce to something more bearable.

What is a trial separation?

When a married couple finds themselves in hard times, it is not always easy to know whether it is possible to right the course of the relationship or if it is time to jump ship and file for divorce. This is a perfectly normal experience, and most couples at one time or another consider calling it quits.

Can you identify parenting time interference?

Parenting time interference is a very serious issue that affects thousands of parents across Kentucky and throughout the country. While it takes many forms, the moving parts are usually the same. If one parent acts in a way that keeps the other parent from enjoying his or her court-ordered parenting time, or if one parent obstructs communication between a child and his or her other parent, this may qualify as parenting time interference.