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April 2018 Archives

How old is too old for divorce in Kentucky?

When a marriage gets stale, it can quickly go downhill. Whether there are financial troubles, issues with infidelity or a lack of love; the marriage could very easily head for divorce. Divorce is very common today. The question of "how old is too old for divorce" is also common. Many people age 50 and older want to know if it's too late for them to get a divorce.

Your divorce and social media

Social media is part of life. You may be one of those in Kentucky and elsewhere who check your Facebook or Instagram account before your feet even hit the floor in the morning. If you are in the habit of updating your status whenever something goes right or wrong during the day, you may be posting even more often now that you are going through a divorce.

Financial steps to take prior to getting a divorce

When you hear your spouse utter the word divorce for the first time, you will be shocked, saddened, disheartened, stressed and very emotional. Even if you had a sinking feeling in the back of your mind that this day would come, it is still difficult to wrap your head around. In order to prepare for a divorce, you need to take some important steps financially in Kentucky.

Making the custody exchange appointment easy for all

The exchange of child custody by parents or guardians is never easy. Even if you get along with the other parent, who very well could be your ex, the situation could be difficult for everyone to endure. If you think you are having trouble with the custody exchange just think of what your children are going through emotionally. Here's how you can make the exchange appointment easy for everyone in Kentucky.

Can my spouse really “take everything” in divorce?

We've all heard probably awful accounts from friends or seen movies where a couple gets divorced and one spouse takes all of the assets, leaving the other spouse with little or nothing. For some individuals, a misunderstanding of the divorce process and fear of losing everything in a divorce may keep them trapped in a marriage they wish to leave. If you worry that divorce will strip you of all of your assets, be sure to carefully examine your circumstances through the eyes of the law to get a strong grip on how your own divorce may play out.