How to effectively use child support payments
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How to effectively use child support payments

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2018 | Child Custody |

It can be very stressful figuring out who will have custody of your children should you and your spouse get a divorce in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Child custody issues are very complex and most of them must be decided by family law courts. This includes awarding child support, which are payments made to the parent with physical custody of the child by the other parent. Here’s how to use these payments effectively.

A great use of child support payments is for your child’s education. If you are sending the child to private school the payments can be used to pay for tuition. If the child goes to public school the payments can be used to pay for activity fees, sports fees, books, supplies, transportation fees and many other fees.

Another use for child support in Kentucky is for clothing and food. Depending on the age of your child he or she will still continue to grow. This means you will likely be buying the child clothes quite often. Use the child support to outfit the child with new clothes when needed.

You can also use child support payments to handle your rent or mortgage. Sheltering your child is an important part of life. Don’t struggle to find a place to live when you can use the child support as a means to pay for monthly rent or a mortgage.

Knowing how to properly use child support payments in Kentucky will make raising your child just a little bit easier. Don’t let these payments go to waste so you have no problems caring for your child.