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July 2018 Archives

Tips for accepting the emotions of shared custody

Shared custody is an important part of any custody agreement, especially when you aren't sure what emotions you will encounter. The difference between having a successful custody arrangement and a challenging one is how you handle your emotions. You will go through ups and downs and everything in between. Here are some tips for accepting the emotions of shared custody.

Dividing your 2 largest assets in a divorce

As you begin the process of dividing your property in a divorce, your first inclination may be to do so based on sentimentality and emotional attachments. While most people do this at the start, it's important that you put aside those criteria for property division since they won't serve you in the future.

Explaining why you might need a postnuptial agreement

Getting married should be one of the most thrilling times in your life. Even though it can be stressful planning the big day, you should have no trouble taking a step back and taking it all in once it arrives. After you've said your vows, there might come a time where you consider signing a postnuptial agreement. Here are some reasons why this might be a good idea.

Transfer car title following a divorce

If you are going through a divorce in Kentucky, you need to know about a handful of issues that will affect you. One of those issues involves your vehicle. It's likely that each of you has a car. So, what happens to the cars when you get divorced? Do you each keep your car? Do you sell the cars and buy news ones once the divorce goes final? One thing is for sure: You need to transfer the title.

Using virtual visitation as part of a child custody arrangement

Coming to an agreement on a child custody arrangement is not just for parents who have filed for divorced. It is also for parents of children who were never married in the first place. Many families are now utilizing virtual visitation as part of their agreements, especially if they come to an agreement without the help of a family law court in Kentucky.