Using virtual visitation as part of a child custody arrangement
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Using virtual visitation as part of a child custody arrangement

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | Child Custody |

Coming to an agreement on a child custody arrangement is not just for parents who have filed for divorced. It is also for parents of children who were never married in the first place. Many families are now utilizing virtual visitation as part of their agreements, especially if they come to an agreement without the help of a family law court in Kentucky.

Virtual visitation is a relatively new idea for families dealing with child custody arrangements. With the advent of different technologies, many courts are now allowing this to filter into arrangement so long as both parties agree to it. There’s a catch here: Virtual visitation should never take the place of seeing your children in person unless you are away for a prolonged period.

With Skype and other video chat systems available for free, you can easily speak with and see your children when you cannot be physically present with them. For example, you can help go through the bedtime routine via Facetime on an Apple device or using Skype video chat.

You can also email with your children to help them with homework or read about their day at school or on a trip. Even text messaging allows parents to connect with their children on a regular basis.

Virtual visitation can help many parents, especially those deployed in the military, interact with their children as much as possible.

Are you more comfortable knowing that there is another option for visiting with your child in Elizabethtown? This is especially important if you travel a lot or live too far to see your children once a week.