Reasons a child custody arrangement can be modified
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Reasons a child custody arrangement can be modified

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2018 | Child Custody |

A child custody arrangement must be followed by all parties involved. Even if the children are not happy with the new schedule or living arrangements, you cannot prevent them from seeing their other parent. If changes need to be made to the arrangement you must do it formally and with the help of a family law attorney. Following are some of the key reasons why a child custody arrangement may warrant modification.

If either parent has to physically relocate due to an illness, a death in the family or for work, this is a reason to modify the child custody arrangement. The move by one parent will need to render the current visitation schedule impossible to adhere to and the move must be for the right reasons.

The death of a custodial parent will lead to the modification of the child custody agreement. This is something that cannot be avoided. It must be taken care of since the child will now only have one living parent.

If you believe that your children are in danger when they’re with their other parent, you can file to have the agreement modified. The court will look for domestic violence signs, if there is some immediate danger to the child and if the child has expressed that he or she does not want to remain in their current living situation.

Does the other parent continue to ignore the child custody agreement that is in place? If so, it’s time to revisit the agreement and possibly have it modified to benefit you.

Modifying a child custody arrangement is the only way you can change the visitation schedule and other areas of the agreement. Your Kentucky family law attorney can help you seek necessary modifications to your agreement.