Financial mistakes people make during the divorce process
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Financial mistakes people make during the divorce process

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2018 | Divorce |

When you are facing divorce, you need to be conscious of your financial decisions. After all, you and your spouse will soon need to split up your assets and your income and costs will both change after you finalize the split.

Even so, some people make serious financial mistakes while going through the divorce process, and they regret them later. Here are a few examples to help you avoid the same errors.

1. Fighting to keep a home you cannot afford

Many people want nothing more than to keep the family home. Maybe it’s a dream house or maybe they can’t bear the thought of parting with the memories of raising their children there. Either way, they fight hard to keep the home. After they get it, they find out that they simply cannot afford, on a single income, to pay for the mortgage, taxes, insurance and upkeep.

2. Buying new things to deal with stress

Divorce can be stressful. Some people like to shop to deal with that stress. The novelty of getting something new helps distract them. However, the last thing you want when your income is about to change is to rack up a lot of unneeded bills. Keep close track of what you spend and only buy what you need.

3. Not making a plan

People tend to underestimate how much their financial situation is about to change. They do not make a plan or a budget, and they are not prepared for life after divorce.

These are just three examples, but they show how important it is to think critically about every step in this process. Make sure you understand your legal rights and the options you have.