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November 2018 Archives

Reasons that kids may prefer living with one parent after divorce

After a divorce, parents come up with a child custody plan and/or visitation schedule. While it feels to them like the job is done and the plan is perfect, it sometimes takes them by surprise when a child is resistant to it. That child may clearly prefer one parent and even refuse to go live with the other parent.

How adult issues can affect children in divorce

If your children are among the millions of children here in Kentucky and throughout the nation at large whose lives have been disrupted by divorce this year, you can likely relate to most good parents who are concerned about their children's emotional well-being. How your children react to your divorce may be similar or quite different from other kids their ages. In fact, depending on your children's ages, you may find that each of them experiences your divorce in unique ways, even though they are members of the same family.  

What is 'reasonable visitation'?

During your divorce case, the judge says that you should get "reasonable visitation" to allow you to see your children, even though they are going to live with your ex. You understand why living with your ex helps them -- they keep the same home, friends, neighbors and school -- but you want to make sure that you understand just what rights you have. What does reasonable visitation mean?

If you're surprised by a lack of money during divorce, be careful

During your marriage, you always felt like you and your spouse had plenty of money for everything you wanted. You were fairly hands-off with the finances, letting your spouse run things, but you never got the sense that money was tight. You never wanted for anything.