Does digital communication ruin marriages?
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Does digital communication ruin marriages?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Divorce |

Do you find yourself wondering why so many marriages end in divorce? You understand that there are specific reasons in many cases, such as abuse, alcohol addiction, etc, but you also see a general trend of relationships just not working out. Why do people find it hard to maintain that connection?

One expert thinks that digital communication may play a role. As convenient as it is, it has changed the way we talk to each other and relate to each other. Has that given us more information and less of a connection?

For instance, he noted that he used to have to at least make a phone call if he wanted to talk to his significant other at a distance. Before that, couples had to write letters. Either action required more of a commitment to the conversation. With texting, couples can just exchange a few words quickly and easily, with little commitment, and then they feel like they’ve had a conversation when they actually haven’t. It’s too impersonal.

He also said that the ability to see someone online, using programs like FaceTime or Skype, could change things. He used to go to his significant other’s house and see her in person if they wanted to spend time together. It took action and, again, commitment. Now, couples can just see each other on the screen and feel like they’re spending time together when they’re not.

Granted, this is just one man’s opinion, and others may argue that technology helps them connect and makes their relationships stronger. But it is undeniable that many marriages end in divorce, so all modern couples need to make sure they know their rights and what legal steps to take.