It is possible to amicably walk through a high asset divorce?
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It is possible to amicably walk through a high asset divorce?

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Divorce |

You have probably purchased something from Amazon at some point in the past, or perhaps you are the person who has stacks of Amazon Prime packages showing up on your doorstep each week. The major online shopping company has seen significant growth and success over the last few decades, and as a result, founder Jeff Bezos and his wife have become very wealthy.

Jeff Bezos has an estimated net worth of approximately $137 billion. Since he founded the company after he was married, it is possible most of that amount is marital property – which is eligible for division during divorce. While this will likely be an incredibly expensive divorce, there are many who believe that it will not be contentious or drag on for years. It is possible that the Bezos divorce could serve as an example of how high asset Kentucky couples can amicably navigate their divorces.

Fairly dividing marital assets

One of the most hotly contested issues in any divorce is what will happen to marital property. Property division is never easy, but it can be especially difficult when there are significant assets at stake. In the Bezos divorce, the sheer amount of money and assets to divide may actually make it easier to resolve issues quickly. Consider the following:

  • Mrs. Bezos stands to receive a significant amount of money in a settlement. Litigation may not be necessary to get what she needs or wants.
  • It is smart for high-earning individuals to focus on maximizing their post-divorce wealth instead of spending money in divorce court.
  • Money can sometimes fuel emotional battles that can ultimately cost a lot of money to settle.

This particular divorce and other high asset divorces can serve an example for others facing the process of ending their marriages. You may be wondering what this means for you, especially if you do not have millions or billions of dollars at stake. No matter how much money you have, it may be beneficial for you to consider the positives of working on a negotiated agreement or settling out of court.

It is possible to reach a reasonable resolution to your property division concerns out of court. Whether there are significant assets at stake or you simply want what is fair, it may be helpful to start with a complete evaluation of your case. This simple step can give you a better understanding of your rights, whether or not it is possible to avoid litigation and how you can pursue a strong post-divorce future.