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February 2019 Archives

Dividing the artwork from your marriage in a divorce

No matter how long you've been married it's always difficult when your spouse says that it's time to file for divorce. Whether it's a total surprise or you knew it was coming, divorce is never an easy situation to handle. There's a lot of items that you need to divide, including money and collectibles. But, what if you have a lot of artwork? Let's explore how you can divide the artwork from your marriage in a Kentucky divorce.

When can Kentucky couples choose an uncontested divorce?

The choice to end your marriage likely came after months or years of consideration. Perhaps you and your spouse grew apart or there were never-ending disputes over everything, but no matter the circumstances, divorce is never easy. However, there are a few choices you can make that can reduce the complications associated with this process. One of these choices is filing for an uncontested divorce.

Considerations taken by the court for child relocation

Are you considering relocating for a job or another personal reason? Do you have children? Are you divorced, and do you have a child custody agreement? If you answered yes to all of these questions then you cannot simply pack up your life and your child's life and move somewhere else. You are required by the court to notify the other parent who is not relocating. The court will take the following into consideration when determining whether or not to allow a parent to relocate with a child.

The impacts of divorce on your credit score

Going through a divorce is never easy, even if you and your spouse knew this day was coming. Divorce is difficult for couples of all ages and lengths of marriage, and it is especially hard on children. Divorce can also have a ripple effect on your credit score. The physical act of divorce will not hurt or improve your credit score, but all of the financial implications from divorce can negatively impact your credit.

Update all documents after divorce is finalized

If you are going through a divorce in Elizabethtown, you need to be prepared for the days after it is finalized. One of the most important things you must do when the divorce is finalized is to update all of your personal documents. You will need to take your former spouse's name off the documents and update your name if you changed your last name.