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April 2019 Archives

Explaining how inheritance is separate property

Property division is an important part of divorce in Kentucky. It can also be a very challenging and stressful part of the process, especially if you and your spouse are nowhere near on the same page. One asset that is not considered marital property when going through a divorce is an inheritance unless it meets certain criteria that makes it eligible to be divided.

The negative impact of child custody battles

Your children are precious. They are impressionable. They are also fragile. You need to do everything possible to protect them, especially when it comes to a fight over their custody. You should never put them in the middle of this fight. It should be kept private as much as possible so they are not emotionally affected by it. But, if they are, they could experience some of the following negative impacts.

How divorce can indirectly impact your credit

Divorce will have many impacts on your life, including your financial life. But, these impacts will not be direct when it comes to your credit score. A credit report does not mention whether or not you are married, which means filing for a divorce will not reduce your credit score. There will, however, be indirect impacts from the divorce that hurt your score.

Tips for attending events as a co-parent

Living as a co-parent because you have a child custody agreement in place is never easy. Even if you get along with the other parent, there will still be difficult times dealing with each other. Some of those times could very well include events involving your children, such as sporting events, plays, musicals, science fairs and more. Today, we will provide you with some tips for attending events as a co-parent in Kentucky.