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May 2019 Archives

Tips for choosing a neutral custody swap location

When the time comes to create a custody agreement with the other parent of your children, it's important to find out the available locations for the exchange of custody in your area. A neutral location can make everyone involved, especially the children, feel comfortable despite having to share time with each parent. Here are some tips for choosing a neutral location.

Common reasons why people file for divorce

Divorce is a word that most people never want to hear come from the mouth of their spouse. Sometimes, it is inevitable. Marriages aren't always meant to last. Problems will arise that can affect your marriage to the point where it cannot be repaired. Let's look at the common reasons why people file for divorce.

Why you should sell the marital home prior to a divorce

Owning a home while going through a divorce can be detrimental to your situation, especially your taxes. Many couples will keep the marital home even after the divorce has been finalized, with one of the spouses living in it with the children. Others will sell the home after the divorce. It's even better for you to sell the marital home prior to the divorce, and we explain why in this post.

Stay-at-home moms and getting a fair amount of alimony

Divorce will certainly have a financial impact on both parties, and one of the main goals that you have during this process is probably to secure the most reasonable financial settlement. This is especially important for individuals who are stay-at-home parents. If you depend on your spouse for some or all of your financial needs because you do not work, you understand how important it is to protect your long-term interests during divorce. 

How support groups can help with divorce

If you are about to file for divorce, are in the middle of a divorce or have recently finalized a divorce, a support group might help you deal with the emotions that come with such a stressful situation. Let's take a look at how support groups can help deal with divorce so you can make an informed decision about joining one.

Talking to your children about shared custody

Shared custody is a common method of parenting in Kentucky. Even parents who don't seem to get along with each other find ways to make shared custody work. Remember, everything you do in a custody agreement is to be done in the best interests of your children. Let's take a look at how you can talk to your children about shared custody in today's post.