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June 2019 Archives

Building smart communication methods for custody situations

Living in a co-parenting situation does not come easy for most people. Why? You either divorced the other parent, never got married or simply do not get along whatsoever. Then, there are co-parents who have a good relationship but simply never felt the need to marry or didn't mesh well as a couple that lived together. Either way, co-parents need to build smart communication methods in order to succeed and keep their children happy.

Never lie when disclosing assets during divorce

When you or your spouse files for divorce it is a change in your life as you know it. Going back to being single, with one source of income, can be a major change to adjust to in Kentucky. When you go through the divorce process you will be asked to disclose your assets. You should never lie about any of your assets, or try to hide them, as you could be hit with serious consequences.

Planning a summer vacation around a custody agreement

The summer season has arrived in Kentucky, which means plenty of barbecues, trips to the pool and vacations. But what if you are involved in a child custody agreement with the other parent of your children? How can you plan a summer vacation if you need to follow the rules set forth in the child custody agreement? This can be a difficult situation if you are not on speaking terms with the other parent.

How your divorce choices can impact your children later in life

Divorce is a difficult time of transition for every member of the family. In many cases, this process is most traumatic for the youngest members of the family. While children are resilient and can overcome a significant amount of hardship, Kentucky parents do not want to underestimate how their choices during a divorce can impact their children well into the future.

How to protect your pension during a divorce

If you are preparing to file for a divorce in Kentucky, and you earn a pension, you need to know how to protect your pension if at all possible. Most pensions cannot be touched until the recipient has retired, which means if you withdraw money prior to retirement, you will be penalized. But what happens if you get divorced prior to reaching retirement? What happens to the pension?