Planning a summer vacation around a custody agreement

Planning a summer vacation around a custody agreement

by | Jun 15, 2019 | Child Custody |

The summer season has arrived in Kentucky, which means plenty of barbecues, trips to the pool and vacations. But what if you are involved in a child custody agreement with the other parent of your children? How can you plan a summer vacation if you need to follow the rules set forth in the child custody agreement? This can be a difficult situation if you are not on speaking terms with the other parent.

If you are planning to take what is known as an unspecified vacation, or not scheduled well in advance, you will need to let the other parent know 30 days prior to said trip. This might be difficult if you come up with a last-minute idea, but it’s still worth talking to the other parent to see if it is something that can be done.

Scheduling the vacations ahead of time is the best way to make a summer vacation work when having to stick to a child custody agreement. Try to calmly talk with the other parent to pick dates for each vacation. Maybe the other parent isn’t planning a vacation and they will be open to you taking the children when you would like to do so.

It’s also a good idea to discuss where the vacation will take place. One parent might be fine with a trip out of the country, while the other might not want the children going abroad. You need to clear all of this up before scheduling your trip.

Scheduling your vacation this summer can be challenging if you are bound to a child custody agreement. Make sure you know the limits of the agreement and try to talk with the other parent before making any definite plans. This can ease the tension between the two of you.