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The most common types of child custody disputes

A child custody agreement does not come easy for both parents, even when the two have a somewhat decent working relationship. Once an agreement is reached, both parties must follow it to the letter of the law. If not, disputes can arise that can send both people to court. Today, we will explore some of the most common types of child custody disputes.

In previous years, courts would assume that the children should live with their mother. Nowadays, courts are not automatically awarding physical custody to the mother but instead doing so based on the best interests of the child. For example, if the mother travels constantly for her job, it might not be in the child's best interest to live with the mother.

Another common dispute occurs when the parent with physical custody tries to ban the other parent from seeing the children because they haven't made child support payments. It is required that child support payments are made and made on-time. However, the parent receiving the payments cannot prevent the other parent from seeing the children. This is a completely separate issue.

Quite possibly one of the biggest child custody disputes is when the parent with physical custody tries to relocate with the child without informing the other parent or receiving approval from the court. The court could wind up changing who has physical custody of the child if the parent decides to relocate.

Child custody disputes are quite common and can be resolved outside of court. If they cannot be resolved outside of court, both parties will need to tell their side of the story to a family law judge.

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