Considerations in a relocation child custody case
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Considerations in a relocation child custody case

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Child Custody, Relocations And Interstate Custody |

If you or the other parent of your child is planning to relocate, this could have huge implications for your relationship with your child. You may worry that relocating may lead to a loss of child custody, or you may want to bring your child with you when you relocate but fear that your co-parent will protest.

You need tp take early action to understand how child custody courts consider relocation issues. If you want to relocate with your child, the following will be evaluated by the court.

Will the child’s quality of life improve?

Will your child’s life be better as a result of the relocation? Will the parent who is seeking to relocate be able to get a job that will enable them to better provide for their child. It will also want to know whether they will have access to good schools, housing and green spaces.

How will the child react to change?

The age and maturity of the child will be taken into account to establish whether they will react well to the changes that the relocation will bring.

What is the distance of the intended relocation?

Moving to the next town or state over is very different from moving across the country or overseas. The distance of the relocation will, therefore, be taken into account by the court.

If you want to be successful in gaining approval from the court when you are seeking to relocate with your child, you should have the help of an experienced attorney who can help you present a strong case.