Sentimental property could put you at a disadvantage in a divorce

Sentimental property could put you at a disadvantage in a divorce

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Property Division |

Most people have certain items that they hold an emotional attachment to. This could be a piece of furniture that you received as a wedding gift or jewelry that you bought to celebrate a key moment in your life. These items may not have a high market value, but to you, they are priceless.

When you are going through a divorce in Kentucky, all assets that are considered to be marital will need to be divided. All marital assets will be divided in a way that is seen as equitable by the courts. To get the best financial outcome from a divorce, it is paramount that you view the situation objectively. However, the fact that you want to hold onto certain sentimental assets may put you at a disadvantage because your spouse may use them to manipulate you and try to claim them for themselves or have them overvalued. The following are some ways you can prevent sentimental property from putting you at a disadvantage.

Try not to show that you are emotionally attached to an item

If you show that you are emotionally committed to keeping a certain item, your divorcing spouse may try to fight for it with the intention of gaining a better outcome for themselves. Try to always remain objective, and don’t put all your cards on the table.

Make sure everything is valued accurately

Sentimental items may be difficult to value, and they will often require an expert opinion. You may want to gain several valuations to ensure it is accurately assessed.

If you are committed to gaining an item of sentimental value in your divorce, you must be strategic in your approach. An attorney can provide guidance.