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Am I eligible for an uncontested divorce in Kentucky?

There are two main types of divorce: contested and uncontested. Going through an uncontested divorce can save both spouses time and money, and this is why it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many going through a divorce.

However, not everyone is eligible for an uncontested divorce. Therefore, you should take the time to understand the key aspects of an uncontested divorce and learn about whether you will likely be eligible.

What are the benefits of an uncontested divorce?

The main benefit of uncontested divorces is that it is much less costly than contested divorces. This is because there is no need for litigation and the associated court costs. Additionally, an uncontested divorce may be better for your mental health. This is because it tends to be less stressful since it does not require that you invest emotional energy into fighting against your ex.

How do I know if I'm eligible for an uncontested divorce?

You will only be eligible to go through an uncontested divorce if there are no disagreements between you and your ex regarding major divorce issues. If, for example, you and your ex cannot agree when it comes to some aspects of property division, it will not be realistic for you to engage in an uncontested divorce. If you are the spouse that is filing for divorce, your ex must agree to the proceedings. If they contest the divorce filing, it will not be possible for you to engage in an uncontested divorce.

If you are struggling in your marriage and are contemplating divorce, it is a good idea to explore the possible outcomes that could be available to you.

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