Is it time to choose a custody transfer point?
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Is it time to choose a custody transfer point?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Child Custody |

When you determined that your marriage was headed for divorce, your first thoughts after that no doubt concerned your children. They are your top priority and you wanted to make sure that the changes your decision would prompt in their lives would be as painless as possible. You knew that you and your soon-to-be ex would have to devise a child custody agreement, and you really wanted to avoid confrontation.

Perhaps, you know other Kentucky parents who opted for shared custody in divorce and you thought that sounded like a good idea for your family as well. It can be challenging to work out all the details regarding custody transfers, especially when it comes to choosing a location point. There are several things to keep in mind, one of which is that a neutral location is always best.

The more you get in writing, the better

You may have talked to a friend or co-worker or family member who suggested that you settle for a private, verbal agreement between you and your ex regarding picking up and dropping off your children for custody exchanges. In fact, most Kentucky judges would agree that signing a written agreement then getting the court’s approval is best.

The more detail you incorporate into a written co-parenting plan, the easier it is to avoid confusion or disputesregarding child custody transfers. If you and your co-parent sign documents stating when you will exchange custody, where, and at what time, there’s less room for discrepancies and legal problems down the line.

Choosing a neutral location helps

If the judge overseeing your child custody case has ordered you to conduct custody exchanges at a specific transfer point, then you must adhere to the order. If not, then you and your co-parent can decide what location works best for your family. As in all child-related issues in divorce, the children’s well-being is the central focus. What would cause them the least amount of stress?

Especially if there’s contention between you and your ex, choosing a transfer point away from your private home and making it a public location may help you avoid trouble. For instance, if your ex is argumentative every time you see each other, dropping the kids off at a public restaurant might deter him or her from trying to provoke you.

Other issues to keep in mind

In certain circumstances, you might be among other Kentucky parents who believe it is best to transfer child custody at “safe” transfer points. You can tap into local resources to explore such options. These transfer points are typically located at local police departments or other places where surveillance and protection are top priorities.

Working as a team for your children’s sake

Wanting what’s best for your children is part of what makes you a good parent. No two families’ situations are exactly the same. The good thing about child custody agreements is that you can write the terms to fit your needs and to protect your children’s best interests. An amicably negotiated agreement can show your kids that although you and their other parent divorced, you both still want to work together as much as possible to help them adapt to their new lifestyle.