Month: July 2020
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Month: July 2020

Back-to-school tips for co-parents

In Kentucky and throughout the country, summer vacation will be winding down next month. This means many children will be heading back to school. If you're among those parents who have recently filed for divorce, the back-to-school season may seem like treading water...

Current events could cause surge in divorce filings

Earlier this year, the world turned upside down for many people across the country and here in Kentucky. Due to current events, families spent more time with each other than they may have in the months or years previously. While this may have brought some couples...

The basics of DNA paternity testing

As is the case in other states, an unwed biological father does not automatically receive rights to his child here in Kentucky. Instead, it will be necessary to establish legal paternity in order to gain all the parental rights and responsibilities that come with...