Current events could cause surge in divorce filings
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Current events could cause surge in divorce filings

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Divorce |

Earlier this year, the world turned upside down for many people across the country and here in Kentucky. Due to current events, families spent more time with each other than they may have in the months or years previously. While this may have brought some couples closer together, it may have pushed others to seriously consider divorce.

The probability that many couples found out they have less in common than they thought is high. Moreover, any issues couples had previously most likely grew in intensity during the last few months. What does this mean for divorce filings? Even as many courts are still not fully operational, family law attorneys across the country report a surge in calls regarding divorce – some up to 50% more than in the months prior.

With many predicting a substantial increase in court filings in the near future, the courts could end up with a significant backlog in family law cases. To make matters worse, any ongoing divorce cases that were initiated prior to the societal changes everyone is now living with are probably on hold as well. Even couples who were working toward an amicable settlement may now find their negotiations at a standstill or completely broken down.

What does this mean for Kentucky couples who realize they no longer want to be married? Filing for divorce may look different now, at least temporarily. Understanding how the system will work now is essential to knowing what steps to take next. Couples who were previously on the fence about working out a settlement outside of court may want to reconsider since doing so could help move things along faster. Parties who still need the assistance of the court will still have that chance, but it could prolong the proceedings.