Important points to remember for a child custody hearing
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Important points to remember for a child custody hearing

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2020 | Child Custody |

As is the case across the country, most Kentucky residents do not spend much time, if any, in a courtroom. Because of this, most people are nervous and stressed when they go to court, especially when the subject matter is something as important as their children’s futures. In order to get through a child custody hearing, it might help to remember some important advice.

Parents should make sure they are not late to the hearing. In fact, it would be helpful to leave early in order to give time for an unexpected event such as heavy traffic or trouble finding a parking space. While the participants ought to be early, or at least on time, the hearing may not start at the scheduled time. Patience is often necessary when going to court since the prior case may run long.

Even if a piece of information does not put one parent in the best light, it is always better to be honest. The court can at least appreciate someone who can admit they have failings and are not perfect. The point is that the judge has most likely seen and heard it all. It is also necessary to stay focused on the topic at hand. Answer the judge’s questions as honestly and succinctly as possible.

Most people know to prepare for a hearing but forget to consider how to act when they are in the courtroom. All the preparation in the world cannot make up for making a bad first impression or failing to be on time. Kentucky parents who need help in preparing for and attending a child custody or child support hearing may want to work with an experienced family law attorney in order to increase the odds of achieving their goals.