Month: October 2020
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Month: October 2020

What to expect at a child custody hearing

When it comes to children, most parents, whether here in Kentucky or elsewhere, will do whatever they can for them. During a divorce, they are willing to fight for their rights to stay in their children’s lives. For some people, this simply means negotiating a...

The top reasons for divorce in 2020

With everything going on the world today, it may seem as though life that been turned upside down for many couples whether they live here in Kentucky or somewhere else in the country. Some people may say that this fact alone accounts for the divorce rate this year,...

Are divorce rates on the rise? The numbers say yes

No one can deny that the world has changed dramatically in the last few months. The effect on families across the country and here in Kentucky may not fully be felt for quite some time. Even so, a number of effects are beginning to come to light, including the fact...