The top reasons for divorce in 2020
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The top reasons for divorce in 2020

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2020 | Divorce |

With everything going on the world today, it may seem as though life that been turned upside down for many couples whether they live here in Kentucky or somewhere else in the country. Some people may say that this fact alone accounts for the divorce rate this year, and to a certain extent, they may be right. However, there are still numerous reasons why couples divorce in 2020, not just the current circumstances.

Below are the top reasons why couples are filing for divorce in 2020 according to research:

  • Some couples just cannot work out the differences they knew or did not know they had prior to the marriage.
  • Some differences between couples relate to their core values, religious beliefs, how to live their lives and more. Overcoming these big decision items is not always possible.
  • Infidelity continues to top the list of reasons why couples get divorced.
  • Financial issues are challenging for people to talk about, even when they are married, which makes money problems a primary reason for the separation of many married couples.
  • In some cases, extraordinary circumstances create a perfect storm in which a couple’s marriage cannot survive, such as the death of a child, cancer or even the current circumstances of the world.
  • If one spouse suffers from an addiction, the other may not be capable or willing to deal with it, especially if the spouse with an addiction is unwilling to obtain help.

Even though life may not be “normal” right now, couples still have the same issues they always have. When people, either as a couple or separately, decide they no long want to be married, they face getting through the divorce process. These days, many people want to do so without the controversy and contention that could happen, so they attempt to resolve their issues outside the courtroom. Whether that happens or not, it would be beneficial to work with a Kentucky family law attorney in order to help make sure that each party protects his or her rights and interests as they navigate the process.