What to expect at a child custody hearing
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What to expect at a child custody hearing

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Child Custody |

When it comes to children, most parents, whether here in Kentucky or elsewhere, will do whatever they can for them. During a divorce, they are willing to fight for their rights to stay in their children’s lives. For some people, this simply means negotiating a parenting plan, but for others, it means going to court. Considering what is at stake, many parents are nervous as the date for their child custody hearings grows closer, and having some idea of what to expect could help relieve some of that stress.

Every custody hearing is different, just as every family is unique. However, below are some of the basic questions that parents can expect:

  • What type of custody arrangement are the parents wanting?
  • Will the arrangements requested by each parent serve the best interests of the children?
  • Have the parents been following some sort of custody arrangement already? If so, does it work or would another arrangement better suit the children and the family as a whole?
  • What does each parent’s financial situation look like?
  • How well does each parent communicate with the other?

If a parent goes to the hearing with the answers to these questions, it should alleviate at least some of the stress associated with the process. Another way to lessen the anxiety surrounding a child custody hearing is to gain an understanding of his or her rights and determine what will provide the best evidence of that parent’s position. A good way to do this is to work with a knowledgeable and compassionate family law attorney who understands Kentucky’s laws and the courts here in the Elizabethtown area.