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Month: November 2020

Hiding assets in divorce is illegal

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about filing for divorce in a Kentucky court for quite some time. Maybe you’ve been married 15 or more years, have several children, or own a business, so you understand that taking the next step is going to spark a series of decisions,...

Keeping financially sane in a high asset divorce

There are many facets of life that can be impacted by the ending of a marriage. Divorce can be emotionally draining for Kentucky residents and it can also weigh heavily on the pocketbooks of those concerned, especially when a couple is in the midst of a high asset...

Paternity testing: Are mistakes ever made?

Children thrive when they have positive relationships with both their parents. So, when the paternity of a child is in question, men in Kentucky who could be the father of the child might have to offer their DNA for genetic testing to prove or disprove a biological...