Child custody: Effective co-parenting after divorce
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Child custody: Effective co-parenting after divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2020 | Child Custody |

A child’s best interests have to remain at the forefront of every decision parents make. That can be particularly challenging for divorced parents in Kentucky. After child custody issues have been settled, parents have to take a step back and come to an agreement about co-parenting their children. That’s not always easy, especially if parenting styles differ, so having a parenting plan in place is essential.

When parents are squabbling about their children, experts say each should take a step back and focus on what the children are feeling and what would be best for them. Child custody issues should never turn into personal battles between former spouses. Parents will always share a bond in their kids, so looking at things from a logical perspective is important.

Ironically, parents need to communicate about what is the best interest of their kids, but the lack of communication is one of the major things that contributes to the erosion of a marriage. When parents talk to each other about their children, they really need to pull out all the stops and communicate respectfully, honestly and directly. Children should never be used to relay messages.

Writing a parenting plan without help and without some knowledge of the law is difficult. Parents might do well to seek independent legal advice from an attorney in Kentucky who knows and understands the laws that govern child custody and visitation. Understanding how these plans can be modified as children get older and their needs change would also bode well for both children and their parents.