What is supervised visitation and how does it work?
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What is supervised visitation and how does it work?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2020 | Child Custody |

When a couple divorces or separates, the courts want their children to have the best relationship possible with both parents. But sometimes that can be challenging, especially if one parent is suffering from a major issue like addiction or a mental illness. In this case, laws in Kentucky pave the way for these parents to maintain a bond with their children through supervised child visitation which means that the parent can only see the children with another individual present.

The courts may allow this to happen by choosing a person who is close to the children to be there when visiting the parent. For instance, the courts could require a grandparent or grandparents to be there. This is to ensure that the child feels safe at all times. When a family court judge orders supervised visitation, that order stands until the parent can prove that circumstances are better — for instance, they have successfully completed a rehab program. If the parent wants to have the order changed, he or she has to go through the court to ask that the order be modified.

Supervised visitation can also take place at a visitation center. This may be the case if a previous visit did not go well. This setting is very regulated with the parent having to check in at a set time. A social worker or a counselor will be present at these visits.

Supervised child visitation is usually temporary to ensure a child maintains a relationship with a parent who is facing challenges. That parent may wish to speak to a lawyer in Kentucky who is experienced in child custody and visitation issues. If the parent feels supervised visitation is no longer needed, he or she may wish to talk to a lawyer to see what the chances are of obtaining a modification to the supervised visitation order.