Protecting yourself from paternity fraud
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Protecting yourself from paternity fraud

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | Child Custody |

Knowing the identity of a child’s father is important for a number of reasons. If a man in Kentucky is only thought to be a child’s father, a paternity test may be in order to make certain. Such a certainty may be required for situations where child custody and child support are issues. A paternity test requires that a man provide a DNA sample to prove or disprove he is a child’s biological father.

When a man is or isn’t the father

If paternity testing shows a man is a child’s father, he may be ordered to make child support payments to see to the child’s needs. On the other hand, when a man has been making support payments for a child who is not biologically his, paternity fraud may be suggested. There are a number of ways this type of fraud can happen.

How can paternity fraud occur?

Tests of any sort aren’t always 100% correct. Mistakes may have been made during actual paternity testing that provide false positives. This information could be given to a family court judge during a child support hearing at which time the judge could order the man to pay support. It is important that a paternity test be taken in the presence of unbiased witnesses so the test is done correctly and the right genetic markers are given. Paternity fraud can be draining financially and emotionally, so it is crucial results are accurate.

There is help

Men in Kentucky who are up against paternity challenges may wish to seek legal advice from an attorney experienced in family law. Being on the wrong end of a false paternity claim can cause a number of problems. In such cases it would wise to discuss how to proceed to rectify the situation legally.