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Child Custody

Should split child custody ever be an option?

Divorce can be emotionally devastating -- not just for the couple, but for their children as well. Kentucky parents who have made the very difficult decision that their marriage is unsalvageable need to sort out many issues, one of which includes child custody. In...

Paternity testing: Are mistakes ever made?

Children thrive when they have positive relationships with both their parents. So, when the paternity of a child is in question, men in Kentucky who could be the father of the child might have to offer their DNA for genetic testing to prove or disprove a biological...

What to expect at a child custody hearing

When it comes to children, most parents, whether here in Kentucky or elsewhere, will do whatever they can for them. During a divorce, they are willing to fight for their rights to stay in their children’s lives. For some people, this simply means negotiating a...