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Divorce Archives

Signs that your divorcing spouse is toxic

A divorce can be heart-wrenching, stressful and guilt-ridden even when your partner is a collaborative and reasonable person. If you are dealing with a divorcing spouse who is determined to make life as difficult as possible for you, the journey to divorce will likely be a difficult road.

Reasons why you benefit from a divorce

It's no big secret that a divorce can make you happier in almost every aspect of your life. Staying in a bad marriage just for the sake of doing so is wrong for both your emotional and physical health. You just shouldn't do it. Once you realize divorce is the best option, you should welcome the following reasons why you will benefit from getting a divorce.

Going through a divorce with an offshore account

When you decide it's time to file for divorce, you need to get all your ducks in a row, including your assets. Every single asset must be disclosed when going through a divorce. You will sign a financial disclosure form attesting that you've disclosed all your assets. If an offshore account is found, you could wind up in a difficult legal situation.

Don't be afraid to seek help when going through a divorce

One of the most important things to remember when going through a divorce is that you are never alone. You might feel like you are alone, but there are family members and friends who are willing to help you navigate the stressful waters of divorce. You just have to ask. Some people are uncomfortable offering help because they don't want to overstep their bounds.

How to communicate during divorce with your spouse

Going through a divorce is never easy, even if you and your spouse find it easy to communicate with each other. It's still a difficult and challenging time in your life where you need to admit that your marriage could not succeed. Many people will find it difficult to accept, but you need to do everything possible to communicate appropriately with your spouse for the divorce to move forward quickly.

Why getting a divorce is better than staying in a bad marriage

Has your marriage soured to the point where you have contemplated filing for divorce? If so, you likely continue to weigh the positives of divorce against the negatives of staying married. Maybe you have children with your spouse. Maybe you are simply too comfortable and are worried about being single again. Let's look at some reasons why getting a divorce is often better than staying in a bad marriage.