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Risks of no-contest divorce

For many couples who want to quickly and simply resolve their marriage, a no-contest divorce is an excellent option. When executed properly, no-contest divorces address the legal issues at hand for both parties and allow spouses to end their marriage simply and quickly. However, no-contest divorce does have some weaknesses that require careful consideration, even for those who believe that they want a civil, responsible divorce process.

Uncontested divorce is not ideal for every couple

When a couple comes to the conclusion that it is best to divorce rather than continue a marriage, they may place a premium on keeping the process civil and responsible. In many cases like this, especially for those with very few assets, it is useful to file for an uncontested divorce rather than litigate every portion of the matter in court. Uncontested divorce is often a welcome relief to couples who fear the divorce process or do not want to stretch the process out unnecessarily.

Modifying your divorce agreement

Divorce is often a messy, complicated matter, and the finalization of a divorce decree does not necessarily sort everything out cleanly. In some cases, a divorce decree is truly untenable for one for both parties, and requires modification to remain useful. Depending on the nature of the conflicts over the divorce decree, a divorce spouse may have grounds to petition the court to modify the decree and alter the terms of the divorce to something more bearable.

What is a trial separation?

When a married couple finds themselves in hard times, it is not always easy to know whether it is possible to right the course of the relationship or if it is time to jump ship and file for divorce. This is a perfectly normal experience, and most couples at one time or another consider calling it quits.

Don't overlook your debts in your divorce settlement

When a couple chooses to divorce, they often do not realize initially just how far-reaching the process is, and how dangerous to each spouse's future a poorly executed divorce can be. Unlike marriage, which is a relatively simple procedure, divorce is innately much more complex. Once two people marry, they jointly own many of each other's assets and debts, requiring a detailed agreement over how they will divide this property in order to successfully finalize a divorce.

What if my divorce order leaves out my name change?

Divorce can come knocking when you least expect it, or maybe just when you are least prepared to properly deal with it. For many couples, the divorce process is far more complicated and time-consuming than they realized. But a poorly-executed divorce may leave many issues unresolved and waiting to cause problems once the spouses finalize it and begin moving on with their respective lives.

Avoid these mistakes to keep your divorce civil

When divorce arrives at your door, it is difficult to know who to respond. You may feel a strong need to preserve yourself and your interests above all else, or you feel tempted to act out against your spouse and use the divorce as a stage to enact some form vengeance on them to make up for your emotional injuries. These tendencies are reasonable and normal, but not necessarily wise or helpful.

Remaining respectful in divorce is often a choice

Divorce is always difficult on some level, even when all parties involved want the divorce and believe it's a good thing. Unfortunately, divorce deals with many of the issues that most people find very difficult to discuss fairly and calmly. If you and your spouse face a divorce, no matter what the grounds, it is wise to prioritize keeping the matter as civil as possible, to ensure that both spouses can make it through the entire process fairly, keeping each party's rights protected.

Staying together for the kids may make matters worse

There comes a time in many parents' lives when staying together as a couple simply doesn't make sense anymore. Depending on the nature of the relationship, some parents may postpone divorce for the sake of the children, which seems like a very attractive option for many individuals. However, the common strategy of "staying together for the kids" is often not as effective as parents may hope.

Be sure you work out terms of medical child support

Divorce between parents often means that each party must work together to create fair agreements outlining their respective obligations to the ongoing care of their children. In some cases, parents do not fully address every issue that may arise between parents raising children separately, and only set themselves up for frustration later on. This is especially common when it comes to the ongoing medical care of children.