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What are the most contentious topics in divorce?

A divorce can become contentious for many reasons. Perhaps both parents want sole custody of the children. Perhaps one spouse does not want to get divorced at all. Or, maybe parents cannot agree on the true value of their home; one person wants to sell the house and the other wants to keep it. When people's expectations and desires do not line up, it can get complicated.

If you're surprised by a lack of money during divorce, be careful

During your marriage, you always felt like you and your spouse had plenty of money for everything you wanted. You were fairly hands-off with the finances, letting your spouse run things, but you never got the sense that money was tight. You never wanted for anything.

Things that could go wrong during an uncontested divorce

If you are headed for divorce in Kentucky, there are plenty of things you need to focus on as you prepare to meet with your spouse. You should never walk into a meeting with your spouse and their attorney unprepared. You need to know what it is exactly that you want out of the divorce. Let's take a look at the things that could go wrong during an uncontested divorce, which is one where both parties can mutually agree on the most important issues.

Tips for dividing the most difficult assets of a marriage

When the topic of divorce comes up in your marriage you will either be ready for it or completely taken by surprise. Whatever your situation, you need to begin to prepare for what's to come. This includes dividing the marital property. Here are some tips for dividing the most difficult assets of a marriage so you know what to expect.

Tips for dividing common assets in a divorce

Once you or your spouse has filed for divorce, it's time for both of you to begin preparing for the discussions to come. You will likely begin thinking about the way the assets you hold will be divided. The most common marital assets include the home, the 401(k), artwork, the car and the furniture in the home. Let's look at some tips for dividing these assets.

Transfer car title following a divorce

If you are going through a divorce in Kentucky, you need to know about a handful of issues that will affect you. One of those issues involves your vehicle. It's likely that each of you has a car. So, what happens to the cars when you get divorced? Do you each keep your car? Do you sell the cars and buy news ones once the divorce goes final? One thing is for sure: You need to transfer the title.

Why couples shouldn't have separate credit cards

Millions of people in the United States who are married have separate credit cards. Some of these married people keep the separate credit accounts hidden from their spouses, while others openly use the separate accounts to buy whatever they deem necessary in life. Here's some reasons why couples should not have separate credit cards in Elizabethtown.

The reasons for separate bank accounts during marriage

If you are preparing to tie the knot this summer in Kentucky, there are some issues that need to be discussed with your future spouse. Some of those issues include whether or not you want children, where you want to live, if there will be a prenuptial agreement signed and how money will be handled. When it comes to money, you need to figure out how money will be kept in bank accounts.

Tips for keeping separate property separate in a marriage

Preparing for marriage is stressful. You have so much to plan, including the location, the honeymoon, where you will live and more. One thing you need to plan for is keeping separate property separate once you become a married person. There are some key steps you can take to keep your already separate property separate in the event the marriage ends in divorce.

Financial steps to take prior to getting a divorce

When you hear your spouse utter the word divorce for the first time, you will be shocked, saddened, disheartened, stressed and very emotional. Even if you had a sinking feeling in the back of your mind that this day would come, it is still difficult to wrap your head around. In order to prepare for a divorce, you need to take some important steps financially in Kentucky.