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Child Custody Archives

Can I include child custody in a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement can offer excellent protections and detailed guidance, provided the couple who creates it does so with a nuanced understanding of the legal issues at hand. If an agreement includes stipulations surrounding child support or child custody, a court will almost certainly toss out at least the relevant provisions, and possibly the entire agreement, leaving couples with many fewer protections than they expected.

Can you identify parenting time interference?

Parenting time interference is a very serious issue that affects thousands of parents across Kentucky and throughout the country. While it takes many forms, the moving parts are usually the same. If one parent acts in a way that keeps the other parent from enjoying his or her court-ordered parenting time, or if one parent obstructs communication between a child and his or her other parent, this may qualify as parenting time interference.

Can a prenuptial agreement determine child custody?

Prenuptial agreements are excellent tools that couples may use to protect each other and themselves as they approach marriage. However, these agreements have very strict limitations in certain areas, and may prove unenforceable if they include terms that violate these limitations. Before you and your future spouse create a prenuptial agreement, be sure that you understand how to avoid these trouble areas.

Does leaving my marital home affect child custody negotiations?

When you and your children's other parent choose to divorce, you face a number of very difficult decisions. Not only must you address your property division in the divorce, you must reach an agreement about how both of you will share the responsibilities and privileges of child custody. Unfortunately, child custody disputes are often where divorces truly turn nasty and require delicate handling.

Child custody does affect your tax returns

When you and your child's other parent choose to raise the child separately, it is important to understand that the custody agreements you reach may carry significant legal implications and may even affect your tax returns significantly. While many parents prefer to avoid the hassle of working out a professional child custody agreement with an attorney, this path often leads to greater frustration later on, not less.

Pursuing nonparental custody of a child

Seeking custody of a child is always a complex process, even in favorable conditions. However, when individuals other than the biological parents of a child choose to seek custody, they must prepare themselves for a difficult path to caring for the child they love. While courts generally prefer to keep a child with his or her parents, certain situational justifications of placing the child elsewhere do deserve consideration.

A temporary child custody order may help your divorce

Sometimes, when a couple reaches the point of divorce, it is very difficult to reach a fair agreement about how each parent will share and contribute to child care throughout the divorce. Until the court approves a child custody plan near the end of the divorce process, some parents need help playing fair with each and the child's needs. In some cases, one parent may even claim that the other parent is guilty of parental kidnapping.

Can my ex alter our custody order through an out-of-state court?

After parents split up, their lives may drift from each other considerably, even if they continue to share some custody or visitation privileges. In many instances, parents are no longer living in the same state. In some instances, a parent may attempt to go to a court in a new state and petition to the court to alter a custody arrangement.

Can I object to the state of the other parent's home?

It's not always easy to let your child's other parent exercise his or her rights as a parent, especially if you don't approve of his or her style of parenting. This is exceptionally true when a child is still an infant and considerably more vulnerable than older children. For many parents, this conflict arises around the safety and security of the place where the child stays when visiting the other parent.

What legal authority do I have over my stepchild?

As a stepparent, you face a very difficult task when it comes to helping to raise the children of your spouse. Legally speaking, you may face difficulty asserting your rights to make parenting decisions, even if the child in question lives in your home most or all of the time. If you have concerns about how to navigate this delicate issue, don't hesitate to reach out to an experienced attorney to review your circumstances and identify a strong strategy for moving forward.