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Child Custody Archives

Child custody exchanges can lead to serious conflict

When there are children in a marriage, divorce can often be difficult to realistically finalize. Even though the matter may be settled in the eyes of the court after a divorce decree is handed down, the ongoing need for spouses to interact in order to swap the children in custody exchanges can lead to conflict. This is understandable, but still problematic, and must be handled with great care.

The court can help you defend your rights as a grandparent

Grandparents are often an overlooked victim of divorce or acrimonious custody battles, leaving them without much or any opportunity to spend time with grandchildren whom they love. For many grandparents, their child's deteriorating relationship with the grandchild's other parent leaves them with little or no recourse for building or maintaining a strong bond with their grandchild. Fortunately for grandparents in the state of Kentucky, the law does make some provisions for grandparents' rights to a relationship with a grandchild.

Don't hesitate to pursue fair child support

Being a parent is a difficult task under the best of circumstances, but becomes increasingly trying when one parent or another does not fulfill his or her responsibilities to the child. For thousands of parents fighting the good fight every day to be the best parent they can be for the child they love, the lack of child support from the other parent is an unfair burden that they should not have to bear. If you are dealing with unpaid child support, there are actions you can take to get the help you need.

Who is given preference in child custody cases -- mom or dad?

In contested custody cases, it is difficult to say what the outcome will be. Most fathers are likely to think that their wishes do not matter and that the mother's wants have priority. There was a time that this was true. However, things are changing, and, at the end of the day, the goal of

Pursuing fathers' rights in Kentucky

Becoming a parent does not always happen in the way one might expect, but this does not mean that your rights as a parent are any less legitimate. For fathers in Kentucky, parental rights are well worth fighting for, but must be sought in specific ways to guarantee the highest likelihood of success.

Elements that determine a child's best interests

In most cases, it is usually best for a divorcing family to determine among themselves what a fair custody arrangement looks like for them. Each instance of child custody has its own contributing factors, and no two situations are exactly the same. However, when a court gets involved with a custody agreement if the parents cannot create their fair own parenting plan, it will attempt to make a ruling based on what is in the child's best interest. This determination is not an exact science and can be affected by many factors.

Custody specifics in Kentucky

Divorce may happen all over the country, and throughout the world, but where the process takes place can greatly affect the aftermath of the split. This is especially true when it comes to child custody agreements. The State of Kentucky, like all states, has state-specific laws that determine how custody is distributed in custody agreements.

Can I claim a child as a dependant if I have joint custody?

When parents of a child divorce, it can be a complex and lengthy process deciding which parental privileges and responsibilities each parent will shoulder individually and which will be shared. Often, however, the tax implications of custody are overlooked until it comes time to file in the spring. Many parents are suddenly faced with determining who gets to claim the child as a dependant for tax purposes.

How do I evaluate my parenting plan?

As children throughout the country are entering into a new school year, many freshly divorced parents are getting their first real taste of the advantages and disadvantages of their newly ordered parenting plans. Courts do their best to issue orders that will make for the best quality of life for the child at the heart of a parenting plan, but often the expectations of what is needed and what is doable for each parent do not accurately anticipate the reality. It is good to be mindful of your expectations, the needs of the child and the actual ability of you and your former spouse to communicate when evaluating your parenting time plan.