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Child Custody Archives

Can another state's court change my custody order?

When two parents split up and one moves out of state, a custody agreement may face serious difficulty. Many parents worry that since different states maintain different laws about divorce and child custody, it may be possible for a parent without primary or sole custody to relocate to another state and then compel a judge to issue him or her an order to modify the custody agreement. This a very reasonable fear, but thankfully, the law has already provided a solution for it.

Don't wait to fight false allegations during divorce

Divorce is a time when many people make poor choices they would not otherwise make. Unfortunately, because of the emotional stress that divorce can present, one parent may choose to make false allegations against the other to gain some leverage over him or her in the courtroom. Whether a parent is motivated by fear of losing custody of children, simply out of spite or for some other reason, false allegations are dangerous for both parties.

Why might I lose custody of my child to the other parent?

When things go sour between parents of a child, working out custody is often very difficult. Even after a custody arrangement is reached, certain actions on the part of parents can revoke their custody privileges. If you are in a contentious relationship with your child's other parent, it is crucial that you know which actions on your part may give the other parent leverage against you.

New state law presumes equal parenting

Kentucky lawmakers successfully passed new legislation recently that levels the playing field for many parents when it comes to child custody arrangements. Under the new law, courts hearing child custody cases will begin from a place of presumed joint custody, meaning many more parents may soon be sharing parenting duties and privileges.

What if I fear my child's other parent may kidnap them?

For many parents who share custody or visitation rights with a child's other parent, there is a constant fear in the back of their minds that the other parent may do something rash and kidnap the child. Of course, this is a normal fear that many parents have, and the vast majority of parents never have to face this fear in reality. However, any parent who fears parental kidnapping by a child's other parent can take specific steps to protect their child in case their fears are realized.

Plan for parent-child traveling to avoid conflict

After divorcing, you may still have to deal with your spouse on a regular basis if you the two of you share parenting of a child. While you may have worked out a good rhythm for your daily, weekly or monthly routine, things can get a bit more complicated around holidays or other times when one of you may want to take the child traveling for more than a day or two. Lengthy traveling with a child can create a great deal of conflict with the other parent, especially if you don't work out all the details ahead of time.

Child custody exchanges can lead to serious conflict

When there are children in a marriage, divorce can often be difficult to realistically finalize. Even though the matter may be settled in the eyes of the court after a divorce decree is handed down, the ongoing need for spouses to interact in order to swap the children in custody exchanges can lead to conflict. This is understandable, but still problematic, and must be handled with great care.

The court can help you defend your rights as a grandparent

Grandparents are often an overlooked victim of divorce or acrimonious custody battles, leaving them without much or any opportunity to spend time with grandchildren whom they love. For many grandparents, their child's deteriorating relationship with the grandchild's other parent leaves them with little or no recourse for building or maintaining a strong bond with their grandchild. Fortunately for grandparents in the state of Kentucky, the law does make some provisions for grandparents' rights to a relationship with a grandchild.

Don't hesitate to pursue fair child support

Being a parent is a difficult task under the best of circumstances, but becomes increasingly trying when one parent or another does not fulfill his or her responsibilities to the child. For thousands of parents fighting the good fight every day to be the best parent they can be for the child they love, the lack of child support from the other parent is an unfair burden that they should not have to bear. If you are dealing with unpaid child support, there are actions you can take to get the help you need.